All Vinyl Liner Pool Models

Kaiser Pools builds in-ground pools, including pools made of vinyl pool liners that come in many shapes and sizes such as Capistrano, Rectangle, Kidney, the Grecian and many more. These are just a few of the pool shapes that we fabricate/build /install. With a polymer wall system we can create any organic or hard lined pool design, shape and size for your new pool.

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sanluisrey vinyl liner pool

San Luis Rey18' x 16’1" x 35’1"


rectangle vinyl liner pools

6', 4', 2' Radius
12' x 24'
14' x 28'
16' x 32'
18' x 36'
20 x 40'


oval vinyl liner pools

Oval15’2" x 29’8"
16' x 32’2"
18' x 28'
18' x 36'
20' x 40'


mountainpond vinyl liner pools

Mountain Pond15’2" x 32'
18' x 41’7"
20' x 43’10”


mountainlake vinyl liner pools

Mountain Lake16’2" x 30’3"
18’2" x 37’6"
20’11” x 39’11”


madrid vinyl liner pools

Madrid14'3" x 16'10” x 27’6"
16'3" x 19'7" x 34'2"


lagoon vinyl liner pools

Lagoon18' x 29'7" x 34'9"

20' x 30'2" x 40'1"


kidney vinyl liner pools

(Left or Right)
15'2" x 31'4"
18' x 33'5"
20' x 38'


grecian vinyl liner pools

Grecian14'6" x 28'6"
16'6" x 32'6"
16'6" x 35'6"
17'1" x 36'11"
20'9" x 39'9"


capistrano vinyl liner pools

Capistrano18' x 37'7"